SeaDevil Esca: Spectrum

Here's one big question on every reefer's mind: Will this LED light really work?

With so many different LEDs on the market, each designed with different combinations, how would we know which light spectrum suits our precious corals best? And with lighting technology so advanced these days, reefers may face an overwhelming array of options across all price points, makes and models.

But at Wyatt Lightworks, you don't have to worry about a thing.



Check out our spectral analysis results below. We can provide reliable test results and answer any questions you might have on your equipment. These results also help suggest the kind of settings you may choose for the SeaDevil Series.


Note that photo-acclimation is important in order to prevent a shock from the change in spectral properties.

These results are obtained in a third party lab using a lab-grade spectrometer. Not handheld unit.


At Maximum Settings for all Channels

Looking at the results, it is clear that the lights have covered the essential wavelength for corals to thrive. This means that when all the LEDs are turned on, your corals will be able to utilise the energy, provided that the light intensity is strong enough to reach them. One way to know this is by PAR value. Check out our PAR values readings here.

But does High PAR value mean that the spectrum is definitely good?

No, it does not. But too Low PAR value cannot be good even if it's on the 'perfect spectrum'. Although there is no clear definition of 'the perfect spectrum' yet, we can draw references from other tried-and-test systems.

T5HOs have been the proven lighting system for many successful tanks. Hence many reefers around the world consider the T5HO spectrum to be the baseline. Indeed, many achieve great success mimicking its spectrum while using LEDs lighting system.

However, without a spectrometer, it is impossible to know how to set or adjust the lights, since not all LEDs system have the same configuration or output. Example a 100% settings on a 50W lighting is not the same as a 100% settings on a 200W lighting.

The below data could be used as a baseline, or suggested setting, for those who are unfamiliar with the adjustment of LED lightings. 

T5HO 'T Settings' Spectrum

If you're an experienced or expert aquarist, you may have your own preferences. Maybe there's a specific visual tone or perhaps you have your own secret settings for optimal colouration and growth. 

At Wyatt Lightworks, we have our own preferred settings as well. It's based on the work we've done with corals farmers who use our products. These settings have been known to colour up SPS corals fast!

Remember to start at a lower intensity before boosting to its full capacity. Take special note on the corals that are exposed to the overlapping light spectrums from multiple SeaDevil light units.
This is our spectrum settings. We call this the 'W Settings'.

W Settings Spectrum
The settings will be provided to our users to help them focus on other parameters instead of lightings ever again.