About Us

Why we do what we do

As experienced aquarists, there are times we wish for very specific reefing equipment that somehow doesn't exist on the market. Sometimes it does, but only overseas and the costs to bring it in might be prohibitive to most.

High startup costs can prevent us from growing in the hobby. It can also prevent others from joining the hobby. Part of the solution is to DIY, but DIY has its limits. So we pulled our resources together to create an alternative for the community.


Good lighting is half the battle won

Your lighting system is of course not the only factor that matters. A successful reef comes from a combination of factors; the lighting system is only one of them. New reefers often start with something more cost effective, before moving on to something else as experience grows and livestock changes.

And since everyone begins as a newbie, such monetary and environmental wastage is inevitable.

But what if we can reduce that wastage, contributing by not contributing? What if your first set of equipment remains viable throughout the career of your hobby? What if a few key components of the system can be amended, replaced and upgraded?

This potentially reduces the amount of waste by providing a product that can grow as you grow. A product that is suited for commercial coral farmers, expert aquarists, and new reefers alike.


The Solution: Customisation

A product that is customisable can last throughout the hobby. Through careful planning and engineering, a few key components can be replaced, amended and upgraded instead of the replacing the entire set.

WYATT LIGHTWORKS is created with the aim the of creating products that helps the community by solving the root of the problem. A number of different solutions are in the pipelines but as we are a small company, with limited resources, we have chosen to focus on the current line-up.

Slowly, we aim to educate more of us (including our families and friends) to understand how to protect our environment (the sea) through the enjoyment of this wonderful hobby. 


Wyatt Lightworks is simply different

We are obsessive about the details. Our products are real world tested and improved before launch. This is our obstinacy. 

Our products are proudly conceptualised and designed in Singapore. We test every series with our own tanks first.

Quality components are sourced from various parts of the world, and then put together by hand individually. 

And there's much more in the pipelines. Watch this space or join our mailing list for new launches and promotions.