Our Product Design and Development

SeaDevil is where an alternative approach meets hand-built quality. Our goal is to streamline the reefing experience, reducing waste, one tank at a time.


Full Aluminium Build

The SeaDevil Esca is built to last.

Production begins from a solid piece of aluminium using CNC processes. Although this method is a time consuming one, and more expensive as well, it is necessary to achieve the build quality we seek: Durability, reliability, and precision. This is build quality that's far superior to the more common metal casings, which are thin painted plastic covers.

Because of its solid structure, the SeaDevil's robust body is essentially a giant heatsink. So what you're looking at is the best heat dissipation solution possible that helps prolong the lifespan of those high powered LEDs.

The SeaDevil Esca is finished with a sand blasting treatment that removes all surface imperfections, and then anodised individually by hand. The anodising process forms a relatively inert oxide layer that improves corrosion resistance and surface wearability, similar to that used in the automotive and aviation industries, where a higher-performance layer is yielded. 

Like we said: It's built to last.

Orb Optics

When it comes to LED light systems, everything comes down to optics.

Based on the total internal reflection phenomenon, our custom designed Orb Optics controls the behaviour of the light according to our requirements from PAR to spread and glare. Material, shape and size are all an important part in the final outcome.

Good optics generate a sharp cutoff, redirecting the energy to areas where it matters. The final result is no more stray lights and and an improved efficiency of the lighting system.  Optics should also have very little degradation over time due to UV and heat (turning yellowish). Orb Optics has proven to meet the criteria.

And don't forget, in our application, a balance between uniform spread and PAR is always required. 

Plus, we offer some customisation here as well. Use the diffusers to soften the spread even further.


noun: total internal reflection
  1. the complete reflection of a light ray reaching an interface with a less dense medium when the angle of incidence exceeds the critical angle.


We use the combination of LEDs from CREE and SemiLEDs.

Both brands are unquestionably world-class and expected to last. Their LEDs spectrums have been tested and recognised by users around the world. For advance users, building LEDs configuration to your preference is now possible.



Wireless Control

With wyApp and its build-in wifi module, you can easily adjust, preview, and program the spectrum that you need right from your mobile phone. Control up to 50 units all at once! 


Wattage is an often overlooked but important specification of a reef lighting system. It can be used as a quick way of accessing the potential performance of the lighting, before purchasing it.

There is a reason why most successful reef tanks uses a relatively high amount of power (wattage), whichever type of lighting system (MH, T5s or LEDs). However, LEDs are the most efficient lighting in modern times. High wattage is not necessary for corals to survive but is needed for some SPS to develop extreme coloration. 

200W of high powered LEDs are packed into an ultra-slim body and this has never been done before. As promised, we are constantly pushing the limits across various aspects of engineering.


Power Supply

We're using mostly Meanwell power supply. Being one of the top power supply companies in the world, we believe there is no doubt as to its build quality. The industrial grade model that we use features outstanding capabilities to operate under a harsh environment vis-a-vis humidity, vibration and altitude.

The entire series is housed with a robust aluminium case and fully potted with heat-conducted silicone. High working efficiency, up to 93%, means lesser wastage to heat and more power for its intended use.

The fanless design has a working range between -40°C and +90°C under free air convection. Standard models are IP65 rated together paired with IP rated connecters. It is perfectly compatible with all aquarium systems so you have complete peace of mind at all times.