SeaDevil Ref.240 'Monster II'
SeaDevil 240W Monster II
SeaDevil Ref.240 'Monster II'

SeaDevil Ref.240 'Monster II'

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The latest and baddest offering from us in terms of power, coverage and sleekness.

Following the success of Monster I, Monster II is now available with some twerks. Still the same full metal body and features that its siblings has. Just with EVEN more penetration power. 

Utilising a total of 104 LEDs providing the uniformity and PAR throughout. With a max power consumption at 240W, you will not need to worry about insufficient lightings anymore. Not even for SPS.

40 Royal blue
16 Blue
24 White
4 Red 
4 Green 
8 Violet 
8 UV

Beta test users feedback this make reef keeping, especially SPS easier. Especially designed for those who wishes to keep SPS and Clams right at the bottom of the tank for a 75cm depth tank.